What Is Social Media Management Platform Tools

The Social Media Management Platform :

  1. Buffer– The Social Media Dashboard and scheduling :

You can manage all your social media profiles on various accounts from one central place. By using Buffer, we are aiming to build a simple, clean, and intuitive tool.

Advantages :

You log in once to manage everything

You can perform multiple actions in the same spot—sharing, scheduling, analyzing

Networks it supports:

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn

  1. SumAll– social media management reports :

Once you connect to your multiple social network to Sum All, it will start pulling data and insights from your accounts and dropping the numbers into a central dashboard of analytics. Now you can check up on these statistics by visiting the app, or you can ask for a daily or weekly email with all the information.


There are no additional efforts required as reports come to you

Networks it supports:

LinkedIn , Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest , Google+ , Instagram , Tumblr

  1. Feedient– Centralized Social Media Streams :

This tool is useful to collect your social media streams and its information and displays all Social media streams from within the Feeding app. Feeding uses columns to show each channel’s content . You can rearrange and organize as you would like, and you can engage with the shares and updates from right within the app.

Advantages :

Browse multiple social media streams in one location

It will quickly engage with the updates you want

Networks it supports:

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook , RSS , YouTube, Tumblr

  1. SocialHunt– Digest of your favorite people’s activity

Cut down on the number of times you must visit each network individually is the one helpful way to save time when managing multiple social accounts. Pulling updates from your most valued accounts out of social media and into your inbox is the one area of assistance here . Social Hunt connects with Twitter to digests sent immediately and it will give you every three hours, or daily give you the updates from people you choose.


Never miss an update from a user

Monitor a group of chosen profiles (people, brands, etc.)


Networks it supports:


  1. Social Count– tracking social media shares for your content :

Simple way to check the share count of your site’s content, plug your main URL into Social Count and check the results. It will gives you the top shares for each unique article on your site, aggregating data from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


For getting all the results enter one URL ,See which articles do well across multiple channels . There is no need of constantly monitoring each social media site .

Networks it supports:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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