What is Google Analytics Code? How Does Google Analytics Work?

what is google analytics code ?

Google analytics is used to track and report the website traffic. It is used to show high level, dashboard type data for the normal user and more in-depth data report set. It includes Google website optimizer; it can analyze poorly performing pages with technique such as funnel visualization. It is implemented with “page tags”.

From the course of Google analytics one can know how to create an account, how to implement a tracking code and how to set up data filters. Also knowledge of how to navigate the Google Analytics interface and reports and how to set up dashboards and shortcuts is given in this course.

The Google Analytics course will also give the knowledge about how to analyze basic audience, Acquisition and campaign tracking. Google Webmaster tool is another free product of Google which is used to see the number of links to your website, number of search results for your search query and the position of website in Google.

Event Tracking is the most important feature of Google Analytics that can help you track among others example. How many people downloaded your e-book etc.


How does Google Analytics Work?

Google Analytics is software that is connected to your website through a piece of tracking code. This is a small piece of Java script code that is made within your analytics account, like the example below.

The account holder generates this code and then places it into the HTML back end of their site. The GA code needs to place on every page of your website that you want to track.


Setting Up Google Analytics is Easy

You can get your Analytics account up and running in one afternoon. Here are the steps:

1) Visit the Google Analytics website and create an account.

2) Set up your account to track your property. Add analytics tracking to your website, a mobile app or blog. Each of these has a unique setting that Analytics will walk you through completing.

3) Set up your tracking code. This unique code, placed in the header area of your Java script code, does the heavy work of collecting data and delivers it to your Google Analytics account.

It’s as simple as that.

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