Ever wondered how the search results you get after typing your query into the search

engine are ranked? Well, this concept is what we call SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimizing. Let

us breakdown and understand SEO

Search:- Searching for solution of a problem.

Engine :-Machine that makes decision, using algorithms, that use patterns.

Optimization :-creating solutions that fits in to that pattern. Now a days due to web

popularity, competitors have been seeking ways to compete and get at the top of search

results, since it is the most viewed part.

Some basic optimizations steps are as follows,seo training institute in pune

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 Use SEO guide provided by google

 Use metadata, which is short description of your content

 Making URL’s themselves informative

 Nesting pages in some sort of sensible directory structure

 Search engine are also aware of topic headers and all-text for image, All text is

information linked to an image other professional level techniques are,

 Black hat :-Manipulating search engine to give better ranking than you deserve.

Basically tricking it. If it caught by search engine the site is taken down immediately

by the engine.

 White hat :-Going by the rules and honest efforts. But it is not sufficient to get good


Factors that matters are :-

1. Content: - Interesting and attractive content is necessary.

2. Technical factors :- It includes authority determined by backlinks and authorship. It

includes clickbait’s i.e. headings that tempt people to click and read it.

3. User Experience :-The site must be trustworthy, interesting and useful. Some factors that

count for user experience are ,bounced rate which gives count of number of people who

came and left right away in few seconds and Average time which is how long people stayed

on your website. Bounced rate and Average time are known to the Search engine and it

affects the ranking.

Now lets discuss SEO as process:-

1. Research your niche

Create statistics of popular keywords people we to search for queries solutions related to

your content.

2. Open site Explorer tool

It can be used to see authority of any website and to see from where it gets links and how

many links it gets.

3. Create optimized content

In many Content management systems there are free plugins or extensions that can help

you input metadata that google finds valuable.

4. Get exposure, links, shares

Although it is not allowed, but you can buy links. More links give more ranking.

5. Analyse results

You can use tool like Google analytics and webmasters tools to analyse your results.

6. Keep on repeating SEO after regular intervals

Since the algorithm and pattern keep on changing, to make sure your content is suitable to

changing pattern, you should keep doing optimization at regular intervals.

So, this was all about SEO which has lot of demand and importance. It is the best marketing

strategy for any kind of business, located anywhere to attract customers. There are some new

changes made every single day. So to be in the competition the necessary update and modification

are must.

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