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Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the number of clicks to a specific website by giving the higher priority to that website i.e. the website appears top on the list of results given by Google like search engines. SEO is important because 80% of the website traffic starts with the search query.

Search Engine Optimization technique is divided into three flavors :

  1. White Hat SEO :

If the website has quality,originality,readability,keyboard density and uniqueness then the website is known as White Hat SEO. This is the best way to optimize any website.

  1. Gray Hat SEO :

If some irrelevant techniques are used by the optimizer then that website is called as Gray Hat SEO.

  1. Black Hat SEO :

If the optimizer making irrelevant links with some irrelevant niche websites,then it is known as Black Hat SEO.


  • Parts Of SEO

SEO is divided into two parts :

  1. On Page SEO :

In this method the optimization of website is in the coding of website .

On page SEO Elements are given below :


  1. Title Tag :

First of all search engine look for the title of page .

  1. Meta Tag :

It is the most important SEO component. keyword and description tag these are two primary Meta tags used in the search engine.

  1. Alt attribute :

Alt attribute of an image is read by search engine.

  1. Header tags :

Search engine gives importance to the HTML header tags.

  1. URL of web pages :

URL should be keyboard oriented and SEO friendly.

  1. Internal links :

These are hyperlinks pointing to the same domain.

  1. Keyboard density :

Keyboard density is the percentage of times the particular keyword appears in webpage as compared to the total words in webpage.

  1. Site map :

It contains all the important website links with date and update information of webpage.

  1. Off Page SEO :

This is used for making back links. Back links are important for SEO because search engine algortithm gives higher priority to the website having larger number of back links.


  • Some Advance SEO Techniques :
  1. Audit the website Framework :

Quick Sprout is SEO tool which is used for checking efficient performance of website.

  1. Take Feedback and Opinion from users :

Quora,facebook and linkedIn groups are used for taking feedback and opinion from users.

  1. Landing Page :

Create more optimized landing page. It will increases the conversions.

  1. Make the website Mobile Friendly :

It will increases the number of visitors.

  1. Double the Infographic power :

This will make the website attractive.


  • Benifits of SEO :
  1. Popularity :

SEO will increase the popularity of website.

  1. Increase Visibility :

As the website is on the top of list,more people will click or visit website.

  1. High Return of Investment :

SEO brings the high return of investment.


  1. Online Marketing :

SEO makes development in online marketing and promotion.


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