seo company in satara

As we know, SEO is responsible to have top position in search engine’s result but when we consider this thing from hackers or malicious person’s or group of people ‘s view they wants search engine to transfer users to their site.

Here, SEO plays an role, Malicious website created and they give a believe that they will increase search engine ranking and so, people visits such sites and if in case they have damaged browser or plug in then it may harm their computer. Such websites may inject malicious PDFs files, Some malwares etc.

The speciality of such website is that they appear similar to a well known, reputed website.They have some softwares for controlling and monitoring purpose which monitors various activity of different different websites to collect some useful information so that they can do something to increase their visitors.

The main goal of such sites is to earn Money.

  • How to get rid from it :

User’s security knowledge can help to reduce some risk from these harm attacks.

For defence concern, You can make use of 3rd party browser such as phishing filters , site Advisors.

Site Advisor server, check websites regularly and give indication of malicious activity.


Conclusion :

  • Thus, SEO makes a huge contribution to survive in today’s competitive market.We as a web developer need to be more focused on Search Engine Optimization.


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