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“Yarr,I don’t know what is the meaning of this word?”, “How to do it ?” “Does there any previous work ?” such sentences we often here from our friends, colleagues , etc and we often say them “arey search it On GOOGLE “.

Then what is this “GOOGLE” ? , “ How it is so intelligent ?” “ Why it came into existence?” .

Google is nothing but a “ Search Engine“.Then the question is that what is search engine and its related concept.

As we go down the article our doubts will be more clear.


  • Search Engines:

As we have discussed earlier , Google is the search engine.

Search engine retrieve these  results from its huge databases.

Google, DuckduckGO ,Yahoo,Bing,etc are examples of popular search engines.

Search engines results may include differentwebsites , their webpages&web content .


  • We as Web Developer:

As a web developer ,Wedevelop Website & work continuously to manage it .We work For its betterment and security. But the most important things is to attract  a user/customer to use our website. As there are in numerous websites are continuously shown by search engine as search result of single word.

So in today’s competitive market , when we think for successful business through website then there is need to have a lot of visitors to our website& then we can convert this visitors into our customers, but how is this possible ??

This is possible by optimizing our website. Optimization means minimizing cost of website & maximizing its efficiency.

As discussed , to increase business from website we need to have more attention form visitors/ users towards our e-commerce website.For this anew field came into existence that is



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