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Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing that is making effective use of website so that it performs well organic search results.

  • Organic Search” results means when the results which are shown on search engine results pages that appear because that results are related to search terms. Organic search is a unpaid natural ranking which is determine by search engine’s algorithm.
  • In contrast, ”Paid Search”allows you to pay to have yourwebsite to be displayed on top position of search engine results pages.

As awebsite  developer ,we go for traditional organic search that means we work to have top position in search engines without paying anything to search engine and that is what is done by SEO services Kerala .

As we know, Search engines has millions of users all over the world & every seconds search engine provides services to its users.

 Important terms in SEO:

  • Ranking : It is determine according to how more frequently websites appears in search engine results.
  • Search terms or Keyword : They are known as keywords which is enter by user in search engine & which has the some relevancy to search engine results and also they can increases visibility of website and thus responsible for ranking of website in search engine results.

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