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Search Engine Optimization used to improve the ranking of any website for the particular query is made. To gain more lead generation and also ultimately customer’s ongoing effort to improve domain name of related website, page rank and Search engine performance is required

Search engine optimization (SEO) is powerful technique and right tactics used to enhance amount of users to the website by having high ranking placement in result of the query on the result page of search engine. The basic key Aim behind the search Engine Optimization is to Increase the traffic to that particular website or product of any organization.

To achieve Search engine optimization there are certain flavor that are provided and that is

White Hat SEO :- these is  one of the best optimization technique to achieve an Search engine optimization and these type of SEO is supported and appreciated by many of the search engine and the best example of these is GOOGLE itself. This type of the SEO is natural way to have better result for any query made to the search engine. It will also support a changes in the website at the any instance or the website is updated regularly

GREY HAT SEO: - when there is an optimize irrelevant way is used to have an optimization of any website or the webpages, then at that time these form of the SEO used and these technique is not loner to any search engine ranking

BLACK HAT SEO: - these type of the SEO is basically used for spamming purpose and the SEO is basically used to make an irrelevant links with irrelevant website and the data related to the website this technique is very dangerous tor the long term results regular updates in the algorithm of an search engine then these SEO will easily judge spammed technique to optimize websites

There are certain benefits of the search Engine Optimization (SEO) as follows:-

  • Popularity : - by having the SEO the Popularity of any particular webpage or the website get increased
  • Increase Visibility : - once the optimization of the website is done then the visibility of the website or the webpage is increased
  • Targeted Traffic : - Engine optimization can increase numbers of visitor to the websitefor the targeted keyword
  • High ROI (Return of Investment): - An effective SEO can bring return of investment that any other marketing. and that is important for the increasing the volume of sales of product
  • Online marketing promotion: - these will be the best part to increase the sales of the any product and best for the online marketing.
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