SEO Company in Pune offers 100% Organic and professional SEO Services in Pune. SRAJ is leading Company in IT, Software, BPO, SEO Services in Pune. Get Free Website Analysis Report from SEO expert Pune Company. Sraj is digital marketing agency in pune and Sraj Expert team understand what is best search engine optimization basics requirement.  If you are looking for professional search engine optimization consultant then you are in the right place. Sraj is organic search engine optimization specialist Company.

Professional SEO Services in Pune affordable search engine optimization services

Sraj using expert tips, techniques, and tools provides affordable search engine optimization services. Now a days everyone is well known of social media & its benefits in our fast & complicated life. We can imagine our tough life without Google.

Webmasters need to respond to changing guidelines and suggested professional SEO Services strategies from search engine companies to ensure that the practices they are following are in compliance.

Professional SEO Company in Pune offers affordable search engine optimization

Our specialized team of SEO company in pune always strives for enhancing the exposure. Driving search traffic to the website of your business. We improve your lead generation and profit through SEO, Social media management, PPC campaign. Our only aim is to grow your business in the online world.

Best Search engine optimization techniques Increases traffic of your website. Gives high ROI, Increase usability of your business and Build brand awareness of your business.
On Page SEO

Professional SEO Company in Pune work on On Page:

Meta tags, Title tag changes.

  1. Keyword Analysis, Competitor Analysis.
  2. Heading tag changes, Alt tag changes, Interlinking ( If required ).
  3. Keyword density in site content.
  4. HTML Site Map, XML site map and Submission in webmaster tool, .XML File creation.
  5. Robots. Text File creation Extra work activities.
  6. Google Webmaster tool, Google Analytic And Web Copy Writing Service.


Off-Page link building

In Off Page Our Sraj Solutions Team work on:

  1. Directory submissions, Social Bookmarking Submissions.
  2. Why SEO is so important?
  3. Unique, 400 word article written.
  4. Search Engine Submission.
  5. One Way Directory Link.

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing visibility in non-paid search engine results. SEO encompasses the technical and creative elements which are required to improve website rankings. drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines.

what is search engine optimization basics?

If you have a blog or any web site, SEO can help your business grow and meet the business objective. SEO is important because users trust search engines. Having a presence in the top position for the keywords the users is searching and increases the web site trust.

An important aspect of SEO is making your website easy for both users and search engines. Search engines have become increasingly sophisticated they still cannot see and understand a web page the same way a human can. SEO helps the engines to figure out what each pages about and how it may be useful for users.


According to observation, the majority of search engine users mostly click on one of top 5 suggestions displayed in result pages of search engines. Search engine generates SERPs [Search Engine Result Pager searched for Search terms.

So as Marketing Concern, to take advantage of this ranking method & gain more visitor’s attention to our website or we can say to gain customers for our Online Stores , We need to have our website among top 5 position understand what is search engine optimization basics result pages & here SEO plays an important role.

Why SEO is so important?

As SEO increases traffic of users of website in search engine and thus it increases chance of ranking higher. SEO is good for social promotion of website.

Lets take a real life scenario,If there are two websites selling same product then the search engine optimized website will have more customer and will make more sales as that website will be in top 5 results of search engine.

SEO Company in Pune

The order by which the search engines showing results after searching keyword is based on Complex Algorithm .These algorithm pay attention to a number of factors to decide which website must be shown whether in 1st rank place,2nd rank place, etc.

Web Development Company in Pune or web design company in Pune and Mumbai, India

SRAJ is a leading web design and web development company in Pune provides unique professional company with interactive User Interface that have excellent user experience, lower bounce rates, stand out to give you an edge over competitors & have that amazing factor can compel your visitors to convert. Our SRAJ expert creative designing team spends time to understand your business objectives, requirements & target before starting the web development process.

Take Advantage Professional search engine optimization consultant

We offer organic search engine optimization specialist result as free lancer. Our organic search engine optimization specialist advice and professional SEO consultation services can help. professional SEO consultation services is offered to website developers and company owners who want to learn about organic search engine optimization specialist and advertising

To make our website more attractive to audiences, main thing is to build your social proof on social platform you are in. As in general, with strong social proof we can easily attract people’s attention to our website. That’s why, most of the social media marketers always go for trusted & professional marketing company.

Digital marketing agency in pune

small business internet marketing services


Search engine optimization techniques and SEO expert pune tips

Personal Marketing: This is marketing at personal level and includes telling your network and friends, making a business card etc

Affordable search engine optimization services ( Marketing ):

This involves search engine optimization of your website design and content. Search engine use their algorithm to rank websites and when people search for something, these websites are displayed as the search engines would rank them. Search engine optimization or SEO are the methods by which you try to build your site and content so that it may please the search engines. You either learn SEO or use the paid services.

Classified Advertising: You can advertise your website on Classifieds websites on the web like and Both paid and free services are available.

SEO Company in Pune offers 100% Organic and professional SEO Services in Pune. Get Free Website Analysis Report from SEO expert Pune Company. Sraj is best digital marketing agency in pune

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