Red light areas in Bangalore India is a very common in Bangalore red light area address and I have been at them many times. No, I am not talking about the red light areas which most of you are thinking about now. I will never use such cheap tactics to make my blog more popular. I love my crap-loving fans. I have written crap, am writing crap (obviously!!) and will write crap till the end of time. Ok, that's a lot of blah to begin with.


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The red light area in bangalore india I was talking about are the traffic signals. Boy aren't there many of those in Bangalore. In fact there is a stretch on MG road where there are four signals within 1 km.

red light area in bangalore india
Twist :- 😛

Bangalore's sleazy industry has the known tale that begins with women being abducted, cheated or plainly lured by exploiting their financial weakness and find the selves  pursuing the oldest profession in the world. But since Bangalore doesn't have a designated red-light area like Mumbai or Delhi, the pockets of sex-tourism are spread out across a few places in the city. K.R. Market, the closest thing Bangalore has to a red-light area. Sex is cheap there.


Majestic and Brigade Road are hubs where sex is available for the price you can afford from the ultra hot and elite girls of Bangalore charging anywhere between Rs 400000 (4 Lake) an hour to the labor-class category charging Rs 500 a shot.  A large part of the supply of girls is from Bangladesh. Bars, restaurants and hotels of the city reveal that the lucrative and open status of Bangalore has seen a marked increase of girls from neighs shouting Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal selling themselves in the city in the Prostitute-outside-your-Institute scheme they follow when they land there for studies after finishing school. Bangalore is also home to sex trade mafia that sells girls from Russia, Uzbekistan and the erstwhile Soviet Union.

It seems that women from these countries, in the age-group of 23-28, come on tourist visas and earn over Rs 500,000 (5 lakh) a month from high-class sex rackets in the garb of massage parlours, escort services and friendship clubs, which charge exorbitant rates that only members of the so-called upper class can afford. So now you know where to look but just watch the bloody traffic!

So what to people do while waiting the eternity for the red light to turn into the magical green? How does one pass those endless moments of doing nothing in this fast paced world? Some people annoy the people around with their traffic-light-pastimes. Like those who resort to incessant honking! As though the sound of their horns will magically turn the light green! Some impatient asses rev up their engines, all set to sprint to the next traffic signal, even though the timer shows 145 seconds remaining. Others decide to create their own red glows, by lighting cigarettes.

I think there is enough pollution in Bangalore and that you really don't need more smoke. I feel all the smokers should place their faces near the exhaust of the nearest BMTC bus if they really need some smoke in their lungs.

Some people are very conscious of their looks. They keep admiring themselves in their rear view mirrors; probably the only time they actually use those mirrors. They comb their hair or mustache. Some even start digging for gold in you-know-where. Gross! The musically inclined riders tap their feet (in impatience?) or start drumming their fingers on the fuel tank or even on their tummies sometimes!! So much for the India fattening campaign.