Osho Ashram Pune Entry Fees

Osho Ashram Pune Entry Fees 1790 INR for international visitors and 870 INR for resident Indian nationals.

The Osho Ashram was constructed by Rajneesh Osho in Koregaon, Pune. Here the people are told about Osho's ideologies. Yoga is taught for mental peace and it is said about the art of living life.

This Ashram, which remains open throughout the year, does not offer the residential facility. The Ashram is open to visitors from 6 am to midnight.

This green 40-acre modern complex is a hilly area where there is a unique match of nature and twenty-first century - both in both external and internal forms. With such marble walkways, black spots, dense greenery and Olympic swimming pool, this is a rare place where you will definitely want to spend some time. Try connecting with your spiritual self at the meditation center or relax at the pool and Jacuzzi, treat yourself to luxury at the spa or lie back and put your feet up at the boutique guesthouse;


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