nana plaza bangkok nightlife areas - Get information of bangkok red light district, bangkok red light area and bangkok nightlife areas. The streets of Patpong, a red-light district in Bangkok Thailand, teemed with Thai men attempting to hustle customers into bars in bangkok red light district. As I turned the corner on to Bangkok nightlife has developed a very nice night life scene completely apart from plain old sex tourism in the past decade.

nana plaza bangkok nightlife

Still it is not secret that many men travel here mainly this type of tourism in mind. In Bangkok nightlife, sex industry catering to foreigners are concentrated in 3 areas: Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza. Patpong is probably the most famous one of these because this is the place where all naughty night experience has started. Probably the best and "family friendly", if you can say that, of these is Soi Cowboy. Nana Plaza is definitely a place to avoid if you are just going to there to see not do.

bangkok nightlife

Patpong 2

one fell into step beside me. My being a female did not discourage him. He noted only the blond hair and blue eyes, which marked me a foreigner and therefore a potential source of revenue. Or, he may have just wanted to meet me, or if not, then to annoy me. Western women were still rare on Patpong at that time.

Patpong bangkok red light area

Though the Vietnam war may have boosted Patpong into the entertainmentindustry, Thailand's reputation as a sex paradise took off on its own at the war's end. Germany arranged cheap charter flights. Holland organized sextours. As Taiwan and Japan grew prosperous, their males flew in too. ManyAmericans from the war chose not to go home bangkok red light area. The saying was that there were no MIAs in Vietnam; in reality they were all MIBs--Mischiefing In Bangkok .


Nana Plaza Bangkok Nightlife

This 3 storey plaze on Sukhumvit Soi 4 can be accessed from Skytrain Nana Station on foot. Nana Entertainment Plaza is much more commercial sex oriented than Soi Cowboy and Patpong.

The entrance floor is full of bars but the main attraction is at Level 1. Although there are bars here full of only lady boys, most go-go bars cater to man looking for women. Probably the most popular of all bars here are G-Spot, Cassanova, Temptations and Rainbow 4. Rainbow 4 has a Japanese theme (Thai women with Japanese makeup and hair do) and looks like invaded by Japanese tourists till the end of the world.

For hotels and accomodation around this area, take a look at hotels near Bangkok Nana BTS Skytrain Station  page.nana plaza bangkok


Soi Cowboy
This place is named after an Afro-american dude who has opened a bar here and always walked around with a cowboy hat. Soi Cowboy is much calmer than Patpong and Nana Plaza and have a carnival mood (there were elephants on the road in the past). The street and 20 something go-go bars here are mostly packed with Japanese and Caucasian tourists and expats in Bangkok. These bars offer a platform in middle on which girls dance with bikini and occasionally fully naked. Entrance is free to these bars and it is quite acceptable to just watch. All dancers and most waiters here are sex workers and if you are into it, you can just take them out with a bar fine.

bangkok red light area

Most popular customers for sex workers here are Japanese and old uncles. I thing this is because they are much nicer and generous than almost always drunk young Caucasians. Most popular of all go-go bars in Soi Cowboy is Baccara at the end of the street. This is place is so popular that you cannot go in without buying your first drink and you are always fed with alcohol in the bar. Thanks to Japanese demand, it is quite expensive inside (both drinks and girls).

Deja Vu A Go-Go, Kiss A Go-Go ve Midnite Go go are some other popular bars here. You can simply access Soi Cowboy on foot from Skytrain Asok Station.