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LinkedIn is large social media network with almost 200 millions active members across the world.

It gives you a freedom to have a own network professionally. We can post in our account, we can find a jobs, we can have questions & answers stuff & thus we can build a strong leadership.

A user can easily find out the people ,employees by a certain business, or the various businesses for which a certain person has worked for.


  • Great LinkedIn Profile:

Your profile will talk to your audience so your profile must be answerable to each and every question by network.

Your profile must have Your-

  1. Photo
  2. Complete work history
  3. Full Biography
  4. References & Endorsements
  5. Company Pages to which you are connected
  6. Rich Media


  • Launching a business page:

Your business page will talk about your business for whom you are work for.

Business page must contain your services and products. You should daily update your page content.

Business page must have your company details like company or firm name ,company address ,contact number ,mailing address  , etc with current company’s scenario means for which sector or topic they are currently working for .

If any standard company logo is there you can add it.


  • Adding Connections:

You can add people in a network are of 3 category type:

  1. People you really know
  2. People you sort-of know
  3. People you don’t know

We can directly added category one people but category 2 & 3 is customized and personalize.

LinkedIn will provide you a list of known people according to your business or history from there we can add connections of known peple.

Sort-of know & Don’t know people can be followed or add by their posts or articles.


  • Get Introduced:

We can send a introduce request to unknown people those whom we want to connect by sending mail them.

The Mail consist of a connection request with reference plus reason for willingness of connection.

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