Lavasa City Pune Entry Fee

Lavasa city Pune is a private, planned city being built near Pune.

Lavasa is planned hilly town is situated in the Sahyadri Ghats near close to Varasgaon Dam near Pune. The Lavasa area is the most beautiful town coming up on eight large hilly mountains surrounded by Varasgaon Dam Reservoir. The best time to visit Lavasa is the winter. the best to experience the mystic mountains where one can see the clouds passing by the hilly mountains.

This modern day hill station is an enjoyable retreat for all its visitors and has a lot to offer to its tourists from picturesque sceneries to an extremely well-developed infrastructure including hotels, resorts, educational institutes, malls, residential property, IT companies etc. Another best thing about Lavasa city is the Lakeshore water sports the tourists can just zip across on water Jet Ski or go Kayaking at the Lakeshore or simply take a small cruise on the lake with Pontoon boat and don't forget to bring in a child in you by hopping on to inflatable toys at the Lakeshore.

Do you like taking your bike for long ride hilly region? Do you like driving your car not on highway but i hilly region? And during this journey you except decent roads, medium rain, cloudy climate, scenic places on the way, steep roads as surprises, no traffic, full of nourishing, motivating, refreshing climate and the end final destination ,where you can forget all your worries. Am I correct? Are you one of such a person? Then Lavasa is the place for you.

Basically Lavasa is a city developed in a valley's of Western Ghats (hill) near Pune. This is the place near to Pune city, yet far away from city traffic. This place is situated at the backwater of Varsgoan Dam. Once you reach here you are completely isolated from city. It’s a completely different world. This is a place to experience. Experience the beauty of nature, experience the waves of water, experience the five start treatment by nature and experience the thrill of surrounding. So I say for me, Lavasa is the experience and not just a place. Journey to this place is as exciting as visiting this place. It’s almost 30 km of Ghats (hill) region. One more exciting thing to reach at this place is, you drive to the top of the hill and then you have to again drive down in valley to see the city.

How to reach at this place -

To reach at this place very easy. Thanks to clear signboard at equal distance to reach at this place.

From Pune -

  • You have to reach to chandani chauk on Mumbai Banglore highway. From chandani chauk take road towards Paud. You will come across small Ghat. After driving down, you will reach to pirangut village. Take left towards Lavasa and drive straight for about 30-35 km (Memorable journey) to reach at Lavasa city. If you are coming from HInjewadi, you have to come to pirangut village and follow the signboard.

Best Time To visit - From June to January I will say. During monsoon will be the best time to visit.

What and how to see the place -

Trip to lavasa can be one day or couple of day picnic. You have lot of stay options at lavasa city.  Ekant retreat is one of the good stay option there.

Now coming to the point, how I usually prefer to visit at this place once I take turn from Pirangut village towards Lavasa unforgettable journey begins. While driving from the road you will pass many small villages. The entire road is almost ghat (Hilly) region, free from city pollution, crowd, entire peace and pleasure driving experience. You cross multiple ghat (hills) on the way. During monsoon, you will see spectacular waterfall running between the hills. As you drive up and up; you are entering to completely different world. During this season, village peopleused to sell Mango's on the way. Mango's growing here are of their unique taste and personality. You must buy some and taste it to experience the diversity of nature. There are lot of spots on the way where you can park your vehicles to the road side and gather the beauty of nature in your eyes, take some beautiful snaps and have "garama garam butta".

On the way you will come across a small dam "Temghar". All the water running between ghats  (hills) during monsoon is collected and used throughout the year by nearby region.  When the dam is full, doors of the dam will be partially opened and water will be released. Now you will ask me whats special in that?The road towards dam passes very near to the to dam door and small bridge is constructed above the flowing water which is released from the dam. Sprinkles of water actually can be felt while driving from this bridge. The sound of flowing water there is so thrilling that weak heart guy cant stand on the bridge for longer. This is so nice experience though. You may spend some time there. Then steep road begins which takes takes you to the top level of the dam. From there you can actually see the entire backwater of the Temghar dam. Dont try to enter in to the dam water. From there you drive towards Lavasa and once again as I mentioned earlier very sharp turns and steep roads comes in between as surprises. Have safe driving practices there. Its because at those turns you can not see vehicles coming from other end. Nice if some mirrors can be fitted there. Some times security guy will be there to guide you. After driving such thrilling but amazing road you reach to the top of the hill at the entry gate of the Lavasa , Believe me, I am not exaggerating, but if its heavy rain or clouds, you need to struggle to notice the huge gate of Lavasa. At the entry gate no entry fee is needed to pay, just say we are here for picnic.

Nearby Places to See -

As such there is no other way which can take you to the other paces. But yes there is one road from Lavasa that goes parallel to the backwater of Varasgaon dam and takes you to the Varasgaon and Panshet dam.  I plan to take that road very soon. Will have more updates then. You can try this route. There are goof resorts on the way.

Will have more about neayby places soon once I explore more. Stay tuned!

Happy travelling and enjoy the Monsoon.  Here are few pic of the journey.


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Then the actually you are inside the Lavasa premises. You have to drive down to reach at the Lavasa city. While driving down in rainy days, you cant see vehicle next to you unless you have all your car lights on. Because you are actually in the clouds. On the way down, drive slow because Lavasa has created viewpoints wher you can park the vehicle to the side and see and experience the beauty of Lavasa city from the top. There are plenty of waterfalls are welcoming you on the way. Have natural bath there and enjoy your time with loved ones. Walking on this road is also nice experience. At the end, actually in the valley you reach at the Lavasa. Here you can see Davase dam and backwater of Varsgaon dam. Lot of boating options available there. You can take boat ride and chill. There are multiple restaurants serving you delicious hot dishes, when its raining outside. Spend nice time here with your dear ones. In an all you will see the luxury, five star treatment and facilities with all natural surrounding. A great combination. This is city in valley. If you decide to stay there, I am sure that will be nice experience. I am planning for the same.



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