jewellery shop management system project

Welcome to our Jewellery Management System. Quality is inherent with the word ornament, quality is the main criteria to roll the business on and on. Quality is the ultimate figure of the whole business. Good quality of a product depends on customer support, better management, maintaining the quality etc.

Jewellery Management system is unique and well designed software to maintain all jewellery business related transaction. It helps in creating and maintaining data related to customer, sales, purchase, suppliers, metal types, certifications, albums & more.

Uniquely designed Dashboard helps you in retrieving data like item wise monthly sale/order, direct sale, purchase order etc. One can get complete reports on Customer details, Orders, Sales, delivery reports etc. by clicking few buttons. This will be very effective tool for managing retail jewellery shops.



Better Inventory Management

Accurate Stock Checking and lowers inventory costs at high level

Saves time ,Increased visibility,Reduced out of stock conditions

Increased Efficiency

Multiple items can be tracked and at the same time enabling fast

reduces crowd at billing terminal.

Retailers will be able to quickly and easily carry out inventory

Wholesale customers will also be able to offer enhanced finance and more cost effective insurance solutions to

their retail partners and  It facilitates automatic and multiple object identification, accounting, stock taking all of which tremendously improves the efficiency of the process.

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