Here the list of the most popular Java Projects for Engineering Students and CSE students.

1. Online Exam Using Java Server Pages
2. Telephone Billing System Using J2ee Technologies
3. Student Record And Information System
4. Intelligent Airline Reservation System
5. Course Registration System For Colleges Using J2EE
6. Automated Bus Scheduling And Booking System
7. Fashion Model Management System
8. Online Budget Controlling System
9. Vehicle Management Using JSP And Servlets
10. Online Teacher Evaluation System
11. Online Inventory System Using J2EE
12. Pizza Hut - Account Management System
13. Car Sales System Using JSP And Servlets
14. Intelligent Bank Application System
15. Billing Management System Using J2ee
16. Browsing Center Automation System
17. Online Blood Bank Web Site
18. Vehicle Investigation And Registration Using JSP
19. Online Automatic Birth Certification Using JSP
20. Human resource management system
21. Secure Online Election System
22. Advanced ATM Simulation System
23. Efficient Drug Management System
24. Lawn Maintenance System using J2EE
25. Knowledge Based Book Store Management System Using JSP And Servlets
26. Advanced Income Tax Services
27. Intelligent Visitors Tracking System
28. Intelligent Tutoring System Using J2EE Frameworks
29. Online Intelligent Hospital Management System
30. Web Based Application For Blood Donation Process
31. Java Server Pages Based Online Personal Phone Book
32. Feed Back And Complaint Form Using JSP And Servlets
33. Bus Number Announcement And Identification For Blind People
34. Improved Hotel Management System

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