How To Get Facebook Likes

When we thinking about online marketing, one can use facebook for their business purpose.
Lets see how facebook can be used as the digital marketing tool & how facebook brings a large traffic to your website.
Make use of facebook for our online marketing strategy make huge effective change & help to connect with the people among vast network.

1: Tagging and Re-Tagging Method
One of the best ways to invite people about your post or page is by tagging relevant individuals. What relevant individual means is people, who are related to your product or service, and at the same time, have a large number of followers. This way, you are not only exposing your posts to people you know but also people, who are friends or followers of others. This is how viral marketing works without you spending a time!
• Re-Tagging
After one or two days, remove the old tagging and tag another 50 friends. Continue this process until you finish tagging all of your friends. If you have 2000 Friends, you will have big chance to get more than 500 Likes.
2. Run Facebook Advertisement Campaigns
Facebook gives you an option to run an advertisement that will help increase page or post likes. You can set a budget for the day and run these advertisements. Since you will have the option to target your audience, the advertisement will be shown just to people, who are interested in what you want to sell or offer. As a result, you will be able to generate genuine likes much faster. Of course, it costs money, but sometimes, it is worth the expense.
Cost Approximately
Sr number Page Liks Cost
1 10000 7000 INR
2 100000 60000 INR
3 10,00,000 5 Lake INR

How to get likes in FB?
Set goals. Setting goals for how many new likes you want to gain on Facebook will give you something to measure your progress with. ...
Improve your Page. ...
Increase the visibility of your Page. ...
Create better content. ...
Be responsive and human. ...
Plan monthly campaigns. ...
Use Facebook Ads. ...
Use analytics to your advantage.

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