how to create a google plus account

how to create a google plus accountGoogle My Business:

If your are having Google website of your company, for managing your Google properties Google My Business is used as Google’s ‘dashboard’. It is the interface between you and your Google “local search” presence. Google My Business page connects you to your Google+ page, Google Analytics and Ad Words Express.


Google plus page :

Google+ is the social media site of Google. Google+ page is used to represent presence of your company or Google’s social media site. You can share contents and post messages to your Google+ streams via Google+ page and engage with users. When you create Google My Business page Google will automatically add a Google+ page for your business.

Google+ is the opportunity to connect with a community of customers. Google+ is the key part of organic search rankings and brand visibility.


How to create a Google plus account?


  1. Create a Google Account. Go to and click “Create An Account” on the top right. ...
  2. Learn The Layout. Go to again. ...
  3. Set Up Your Profile. On the top right of the next page, you'll see something similar to this: ...
  4. Build Your Circles. ...
  5. Posting Content.
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