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Manual Google Penguin and Google Panda Recovery Services of a Site without Losing SEO

When we say someone is tend to penalties there is of course some valid illegal reason for their respected action. They have something unauthorized or we can say beyond the limit or threshold that’s why community decided some penalty to be fulfilled.

When your site comes into penalty zone there is some reason for it.

Lets try to understand what are that reasons and how one can recover from that penalty without losing your site’s SEO that is Search Engine Optimization.

Let us see what are that reasons which causes penalty to website:

  1. Unrelated Links

Before some days, there was fashion to have maximum links to your site. But then Google changed the fashion and Today, Google likes to see links on a site that are related to the areas of focus and it is necessary to remove all links which are not related.

  1. Poor-Quality Back links

This links are links on your websites from other low quality websites having low content, less authority and Google removes such a back links.


When building back links just remember that it is always a matter of quality over quantity.

  1. Repeated Content

Repeated content means duplicate content copying from other sites and Google gives high penalty for this .Repeated content may lead to have negative impact on search engine ranking.

  1. Purchased Link

When a site begins buying links, the most of the links come from sites that has high quality but fundamentally unrelated.

Mostly purchased links are often placed on pages of a site where there are links that have been bought by other sites and also many of which are unrelated to one another.

  1. Hidden Links

Having hidden links is the internal problem with your website. Hidden links are not visible to users but they can be seen by Google bots. They are typically hidden behind images, text etc.




How to recover from Penalty without losing SEO:

To avoid penalty you must follow some suggestions to stay away from SEO degrading facts.

If unfortunately your site got hit by Google Penalty its not a simple process to get rid from it.

You will need to review your back link profile, identify poor links, repeated contents, purchased link and then have them to removed.

Many of us are unaware of this process so there is great to be specializing in Google’s Suspensions.


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