Event Management Project

Our company is a leader in event management, online event registration, venue sourcing, and mobile event app technology.It provides cost-effective event management software to help businesses organize and sell tickets to events online-while helping people discover events that fuel their passions.Thanks to its modularity and flexibility,Event Management Software can easily be configured to meet the individual needs of dozens of different types of event businesses. It modernizes the traditional processes associated with event management.

With our integrated platform, planners can more efficiently find venues, plan events, engage attendees, measure the impact of their events, and much more.

Event Management is an easy-to-use web-based solution which addresses every  aspect of the event management lifecycle: from planning, marketing and registration to  post-event analysis and event data management.

An excellent way of obtaining resources or help for planning an event are not only in-kind arrangements possible (prizes for a raffle), sponsors can also offer cash, discounted leasing of Premises (room hire discount) and networks and contacts to use.

Event Venue Selection
• Target Audience/Guest Size
• Target Audience Convenience
• Venue History
• Venue Services
• Parking facility
• Security Arrangements
Event Marketing
Steps involved in creating a promotional campaign for your event
• Step 1: Setup advertising objectives.
• Step 2: Decide your promotional Activities
• Media refers to various means of communications.
• Media vehicle is a specific medium.
• How Print Media can be used for Promotion
• How Electronic Media can be used for Promotion

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