Indian Fashion Designers

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Indian Fashion Designers

Many people take Indian fashion for granted. It is a common sight these days to see young men and women who are bitten by the Western fashion bug attired in Western outfits. So, where are the good old saree and salwars gone? One can even say that the Indian fashion is becoming non-existent.

Embroidery threads

One of the most beautiful handicrafts, and much in demand anywhere in the world is that of embroidery. While in India, with will find a vast variety in the types of embroidery, because of the folk themes and methods, the rest of the world has also collectively contributed to the varied forms and patterns.

Today, embroiderers are in fact experimenting with methods from regions outside their own, and attempting to create interesting and attractive fusion patterns, using their needlework talents. In fact, because of the varied sources of patterns, today, women in general are more aware of what they can seek for their clothes.

Customers are ready to spend extra time with the local embroiderer in order to have them create an exclusive pattern on the fabric given to them.

They are ready to be educated on various techniques, along with the type of embroidery threads used, which include the following :

  1. Embroidery floss
  2. Stranded cloth
  3. Pearl cotton
  4. Matte embroidery cotton
  5. Medici embroidery threads
  6. Crewel yarn
  7. Persian yarn
  8. Tapestry yarn
  9. Polyester machine embroidery threads
  10. Rayon machine embroidery threads
  11. Indian kurtis and embroider

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