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Things to be more Focus on by Website:

  • Strong Guarantees : It gives 100% money back guarantee for any defect or trouble comes up while using their website’s services. E.g. Amazon, Flipkart.
  • Quality of Service: Website should provide high quality of services to its user.
  • Good Customer Service: Employees of online business should extremely professional & efficient which can solve every problems of their services for customer with an amazing speed and great gratitude.


  • How can we have Search engine optimized Website ?

To have search engine optimized website we as a web developer need to focus on –

  • Website design
  • Links to Website
  • Editing Content
  • Website Structure
  • Web Page Title
  • Description of Website
  • Keyword Density


  • Relation between Social Media & SEO :

Social Media has been proven as a best way to amplify content distribution of website & can cover a wider audience all over the world. Links to our Content of website from social media can speed up our content indexation. When user follows links from social media it increases quantity of traffic of visitors to our website.

Social media also promotes our website Brand.

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