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Our Core Banking framework developed for this class of banks easily integrates unique requirements such as shared ownership, interest subvention, micro-savings products, and finance products that suite agricultural, farming, small-scale, handicraft & artisan businesses.The software ensures full data handshaking among the modules to ensure error-free operation with minimum effort and ensure availability of data when and where it is required.

Core Banking Solution thus addresses very unique requirements such as members owned entity & management, small & micro businesses focussing on regional competencies, large customer base engaged agriculture & related activities, remote location with no or unstable connectivity.It is not a dead-end product.

A team of Computer Professionals are working constantly at our production center to make it more effective and incorporate latest advancements in the field of Information Technology with the help of a few person who has the full domain knowledge of the Co-Operative Banking.

Banking has undergone a major transformation thanks to the Web and Mobile based applications. It is no longer an activity which geo-specific and customers no longer need to go to a specific branch for transactions. core banking solutions make this possible with centralized data centre's and seamless merging of back office data and self-service operations.

It is very important to understand that a failed core banking implementation does not in any way indicate a failure of the concept of core banking. Often, this is used as an excuse to shun transformational programs in the organization. It is very important for all stakeholders within a bank, and the SI and vendor to analyze the reasons for failure and take appropriate steps to mitigate the risks up front.

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